Does my dog suffer from IBD?    

Do you know your dog´s symptoms?

IBD Probleme Hund

This informative and educationally motivated website has been developed due to the frequent reporting of possible prevalence of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) in their dogs by frustrated owners, but also because of occurrences of this disease, often resulting in fatalities. Its purpose is to increase awareness of IBD in the dogs of affected owners, who in our experience regularly seek advice in the internet, and to provide help to as many of our four-legged patients as possible via the medium of continuously improving expert knowledge.
Knowledge concerning the difficult and many-faceted changing symptomatic of IBD in dogs is continually expanding and is dealt with automatically by the (by necessity constantly developing) questionnaire. This means that you will receive a tentative diagnosis once the questionnaire has been completed. This does not replace a local veterinary examination and this tentative diagnosis must be confirmed by a veterinarian. Please understand that an individual consultation in this respect cannot take place and cannot and will not replace a visit to your veterinarian.
The typical symptomatic of IBD usually occurs individually, not necessarily as a complete picture of the individual symptoms as described as follows.
It can occur in every dog, however, it is particularly conspicuous in light-coloured dogs (such as Golden Retrievers, West Highland Terriers, Jack Russell Terriers, Boxers and cream-coated crossbreeds) and is sometimes evident in young dogs.
Symptomatic treatment with antibiotics or corticoids will only provide temporary improvement.
The cycles of ‘bowel crises’ intensify and become more frequent in the medium term. Failure of micro-organism growth, dysregulation of the immune system or food allergies quite evidently provoke this type of chronic repetitive bowel inflammation.